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A Physician's Perspective: Meaningful Use of Health Technology:

quantified self

January 18, 2013  4:06 PM

Growing momentum in self-monitoring gadgets means more health data to analyze

Posted by: DrJosephKim
fitness, medical device, mhealth, quantified self

We seem to be hearing the term "big data" in healthcare a lot these days. After all, the use of EHR systems across the country have led to huge amounts of health data that needs to get analyzed so that clinicians can deliver more effective care. The focus will shift from collecting data to...

March 30, 2012  12:48 AM

The Meaningful Use of Quantified Self Gadgets

Posted by: DrJosephKim
Fitbit, mhealth, quantified self

There is a growing body of people who are very actively engaged in the quantified self (QS) movement and I have found myself more engaged with my own Fitbit. I got my Fitbit at a conference in Philadelphia where they were having a contest to see if all the attendees collectively could walk a large...

October 12, 2011  1:18 PM

I’m going to quantify my sleep by using the Zeo Sleep Manager

Posted by: DrJosephKim
quantified self

I've been testing a few different Quantified Self (QS) digital devices over the past few weeks. I'm measuring certain biometrics so that I can learn more about myself, my body, and my health. There are a growing number of patients using these devices to lose weight, exercise more efficiently, and...

October 4, 2011  8:46 PM

I’m exploring the Quantified Self (QS) movement

Posted by: DrJosephKim
quantified self

Last month, I was at the Medicine 2.0 conference at Stanford. There, I met several people who were actively engaged in the quantified self (QS) movement....

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