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Jul 11 2012   8:00AM GMT

The problem with leftovers: What to do with disparate health care data

Posted by: Jenny Laurello
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Guest post by: Wendy Whittington, MD, MMM, Chief Medical Officer, Anthelio Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

Most of us struggle with the problem of leftovers. My family used to clean the refrigerator before my step-mother visited because we knew she would make soup from everything left in it.  Now we have a night in the week called “choix de leftovers” and everyone picks one dish to eat up.

Hospitals have the same problem: what to do with all of the different information systems they have?  They wonder if they should interface all of the systems in one “soup” or if they should parcel out responsibility for the data to different people.

Patient Information Exchange (PIE) is a single source window to patient information for clinicians and physician-office staff. PIE was created to bring together diverse hospital-based clinical information systems into one easy view.  Clinicians see lab reports, imaging reports, medical records such as progress notes and discharge summaries, and demographic data with just a few clicks.  The window view can be individualized and saved for future use so everyone gets his or her own flavor of PIE.

PIE is:

  • An extension of your hospital electronic health record (EHR) system to your physicians
  • A bridge to meaningful use
  • A flexible foundation for your HIE
  • A reporting mechanism for business use

PIE is not an HIE, nor do we anticipate that it will become one. PIE helps a community hospital take that first giant step toward the integration of its own clinical systems.

The benefits of PIE include:

  • Security, including an audit trail
  • Physician satisfaction, including rounding reports, ED reports and native diagnostic images
  • Integration, including a growing vendor list of EHR source systems

Although many community hospitals are preparing to attest for meaningful use or participate in an HIE, they often don’t have the money to complete all of the phases needed.  PIE allows a flexible foundation for taking the first steps on that journey without walking down a wrong path. It takes both clinical expertise and technical knowledge to implement IT systems in a way that will bring the greatest benefits to the hospital and to their physician community.  When it comes to understanding how issues like this affect the hospital’s bottom line, we are uniquely situated to help due to our vast operations experience in all departments of the hospital.

Please visit Anthelio Healthcare Solutions Inc. for more information on Dr. Whittington.

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