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Who are the top EHR vendors in your state?

Our interactive, color-coded map of the U.S. EHR vendor landscape ranks the top five companies, state by state, according to CMS meaningful use attestations.

Roll over each state to see which five EHR vendors account for the most attestations in each state, eligible hospitals and eligible physicians combined. Each state is color-coded by the most prevalent vendor in that state. Color saturation reflects the percentage of the state attesting the number one top vendor, with darker colors representing a higher percentage of the attestations in the state.

Eight distinct vendors emerge as the leading vendor in at least one state. Epic Systems Corp. holds the top spot in the greatest number of states, with a total of 24. Cerner Corp. is second to Epic, with half of their total -- a number that could rise with their recent $1.3 billion acquisition of Siemens Health Services. Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc. and eClincalWorks LLC are the top vendors in seven and three states respectively. Utah has far and away the largest single-vendor concentration in any one state, with 87.2% of EHR systems -- combined EHs and EPs -- provided by Intermountain Healthcare.

Some important notes about the data shown above:

  1. Percentages represent all meaningful use stage 1 and stage 2 attestations as of May 30, 2014 according to CMS data.
  2. While some health systems with homegrown, self-certified EHRs such as Intermountain (Utah) and Partners (Massachusetts) plan to switch to commercial EHR packages, this offers a snapshot of current data.
  3. Market share isn't represented here, keep in mind. Only share of attesting EPs and EHs combined.
  4. The District of Columbia is not shown. The top vendor for the District of Columbia is GE Healthcare, with 35% of the district's attestations.
  5. Percentages are subject to change as CMS updates its data sets, more providers attest and hardship exceptions for vendor certification delays are granted.


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