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Planning for EHR Adoption Presentation Slides

On November 4th, over 50 health care IT leaders from the Boston area met for's Planning for EHR Adoption seminar. Here are the presentation slides from 3 of our expert speakers as well as our panel discussion.

On Thursday, November 4th, over 50 health care IT leaders from the Boston area met for's first-ever live educational seminar entitled Planning for EHR Adoption. Below are the presentation slides from 3 of our expert speakers as well as our panel discussion. Please reference these slides as you continue your efforts to implement EHR at your health care facility.

Speaker Presentation Slides 

Keynote Presentation                                                                                               
Achieving Meaningful Use: 10 Keys to a Successful EHR Install and Adoption
Presented by Larry Garber, M.D., Medical Director for Informatics, Fallon Clinic
With 45% of EHR installs failing, what must you do to ensure that your practice/hospital is not a statistic?

Session One                                                                                                             
Enabling a HITECH & HIPAA Compliant Organization
Presented by Uday Ali Pabrai Chief Executive & Co-Founder, HIPAA Academy
Learn best practices for maintaining HITECH and HIPAA compliance during a time of rising audits, increased security breaches and HITECH’s meaningful use incentives for EHR.

Panel Discussion                                                                                                       
Straight Talk From Health IT Practitioners
Provider stakeholders discuss the lessons learned from their EHR integration journeys.

Session Three                                                                                                            
Expanding server and storage capacity for your EHR infrastructure
Presented by Al Gallant, Director of Technical Services, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
Learn how to meet growing storage demands and understand the technology that will work best for you.

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