Interactive healthcare video platform designed to engage patients

A healthcare video company uses data analytics and goal tracking for video and app-based platforms to engage patients and enhance corporate wellness programs.

Product: Zillion platform

Commercial release date: April 2016

What Zillion does

Interactive healthcare video is the foundation of Zillion Group Inc.'s approach to patient engagement technology.

But Zillion's interaction management platform doesn't rely only on interactive healthcare video; the company also uses mobile apps with text alerts and food intake and activity tracking to help corporate health and wellness program managers keep employees engaged.

"It's a technology that's helping healthcare services companies drive engagement," said Bill Van Wyck, president and chief innovation officer for the Norwalk, Conn.-based vendor. "The technology that we use to drive engagement is really focused on multi-channel communication, primarily video."

Zillion integrates structured interactive healthcare video sessions with HIPAA-compliant text messaging, e-mail and chat to help users meet health goals such as losing weight, complying with medication regimens and getting to appointments.

The white label system is configurable by each organization or third-party provider and, in addition to consolidating existing health records, can collect patient-generated data from mobile and wearable devices.

Bill Van WyckBill Van Wyck

Underlying the video connection and user interfaces is a scheduling engine that connects coaches with users, a content management and delivery system, and data analytics that parses the most effective ways to engage users.

"Program managers can monitor who is engaging, in what and why, and for how long," Van Wyck said. "And with our tools and controls, they can monitor them over time without having to go back and re-code anything."

Zillion has until recently mostly worked with several large customers and now is branching out to seek out many more clients, Van Wyck said. "We've been flying under the radar, but you're going to see us in coming months really come out of our shell," he said.

Why Zillion matters

As the healthcare system transfers more costs to patients in the form of high-deductible insurance plans with more out-of-pocket costs, organizations and their employees are looking to reduce costs while maintaining good medical results.

This changing environment is the driving spur for Zillion's business model, which is aimed at helping healthcare clinicians, counselors and coaches reach out to patients and users "where they are, which is on their devices," Van Wyck said.

Unlike many telehealth-oriented interactive healthcare video systems, Zillion's approach revolves more around the "one-to-many" concept; hence, the name, "Zillion."

Here is how Zillion works: Zillion's staff coaches meet in real time or on webcasts with groups of employees, rather than one on one, although individual sessions are also possible.

And as opposed to traditional corporate wellness programs like exercise classes or competitive events, Zillion focuses on what it calls "preventive services" that are claims reimbursed and take place outside of traditional healthcare settings such as hospitals and doctors' offices.

"That way you end up with evidence-based care without the squishy metrics of wellness," Van Wyck said. "Evidence-based programs work, but how do you get people to engage with them?"

What a user says

Real Appeal, Inc. provides adult weight loss and management and diabetes prevention programs for employers using Zillion's interactive healthcare video system.

The Los Angeles-based company, an independent subsidiary of insurer UnitedHealth Group, uses a staff of 50 to 75 personal coaches and what it calls "real science" based on academic and government research, plus entertaining content.

The approach adheres to the principles of the Intensive Lifestyle Intervention system, which are to "gradually present people with new bits of information about nutrition and exercise along with strategies that help them stay motivated to reach their personal fitness goals," according to Real Appeal.

Real Appeal uses the Zillion platform for its healthcare coaches to host scheduled video classes online for employee groups. Meanwhile, consumers connect with Real Appeal's programs by way of Zillion's interface on their mobile devices or browsers.

Zillion platform underlying Real Appeal weight management system

Greg Pederson, CTO for Real Appeal, said the company has some 60,000 active users at about 150 companies across the country.

"Zillion was very willing to partner with us and help us create Real Appeal and move in a nimble fashion," Pederson said.


Zillion is hardware agnostic and works with most browsers, including multiple versions of those browsers.

The system handles scheduling with administration wizards for curriculum management, calendar sync and asset management.

New users are onboarded by creating an individual profile through an eligibility interface, unique registration codes, credit card payment capability and payer claims submissions.


Zillion is a SaaS-based platform, and the company's pricing model is based on a monthly or annual license fee that is tailored to the number of individuals using the engagement system.

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