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Consider identity theft when planning HIPAA breach prevention

A reader shares an example of healthcare fraud and explains why ID theft must be considered as part of a HIPAA breach prevention plan.

Editor's note: received this feedback in response to the article, HIPAA data breach prevention tips for health care IT leaders . The letter has been edited for style but not for content.

I read your article on HIPAA data breaches and I commend your inclusion of fraud as a factor to consider in data breach prevention -- unfortunately, South Florida leads the nation in healthcare fraud and we have a high incidence of ID theft by fraudsters seeking to secure Medicare/Medicaid benefits. 

In a similar vein, Adventist Health was just sued in a class action here in Florida, arising out of the illegal sale of PHI by an emergency room worker. The hospital is being sued for failure to implement protocols/safeguards to prevent the occurrence.

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