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At HIMSS 2014, mHealth trends remain under focus

A blast of new products and educational presentations at HIMSS 2014 highlighted some impressive trends in the growing mHealth market.

Mobile applications and wearable devices continue to be popular topics of discussion when it comes to technology innovation within healthcare. Considering how these devices can improve patient health and boost their engagement, it's clear why the latest mHealth trends and wearable devices are center stage at shows like HIMSS 2014.

Many pilot studies have shown that patients are actively using mHealth technology to maintain some level of contact with their providers. This has helped them become more engaged with their care. While organizations such as ACOs, patient medical homes, hospitals and federally qualified health centers might be the first ones that can reap immediate benefits by having their patients leverage these tools by lowering foot traffic to their facilities and saving sometimes long or inconvenient trips for the patients, it remains to be seen which patient demographics will be fully engaged in all aspects of their health through mobile tools.

To address many of the challenges and opportunities around mobile health, the HIMSS 2014 conference held pre-conference events covering many mobile technology key topics and related healthcare applications.

During the four-day conference, there were additional sessions that covered mobile security, case studies, trends and innovative solutions available in the marketplace. In addition, visitors were able to stop at vendor exhibits that provided first-hand exposure to some of the latest and greatest mHealth trends and devices.

There are always questions around what to adopt and what are some of the strategies that hospital IT executives have successfully adopted. Most show-goers continue to evaluate options in the marketplace while others are holding back until they gain better understanding on what is proven and what their peers recommend.

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