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May 2014

Yesterday's technology finds its place in mobile healthcare heyday

While federal wonks are busy arguing about healthcare IT policy, nurses and physicians are tired of waiting for legislation to catch up with technology. In this issue of Pulse, we take a hard look at mobile technology in healthcare that can, in time, rewrite patient care workflows.

Informatics expert and author Trevor Strome paints a next-generation picture: physicians at the bedside accessing analytics tools hardwired to the EHR en route to making evidence-based care decisions. But first, there are many hurdles to clear, such as integrating a diversity of data sources. Strome lays out what clinical systems vendors need to do to make analytics a reality at the point of care.

And while healthcare professionals clamor for cutting-edge mobile access in the workplace, we explore the usefulness of a technology some might consider so 2002: communications badges. Do these throwbacks have a place in the age of "slide to unlock" smartphone technology?

Also, in this issue, healthcare IT expert and physician Joseph Kim assesses the possibility of crowdsourcing in patient treatment, and IT industry analyst Reda Chouffani gives pointers to healthcare providers looking to avoid what many dread most: unannounced HIPAA audits.

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