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September 2015

Providers make final push before ICD-10 deadline

It's crunch time for providers preparing for ICD-10. All of their planning will soon be tested, because there are no signs the ICD-10 deadline will be delayed again. Although there are only a few weeks left before the Oct. 1 deadline, there are some final tips organizations can take to ensure that they won't encounter significant issues when making the transition from ICD-9 codes to ICD-10. Many healthcare organizations have already updated their systems to code diagnoses and submit claims as required by ICD-10. The majority of staff members have likely also received the necessary coding training by now. Still, there are a few additional actions providers can take to ease the transition to using ICD-10 codes: Provide on-demand training: There are groups of users at every healthcare facility that would benefit from additional interactive ICD-10 training. Their organizations would also gain by giving employees the freedom to review ICD-10 educational materials at their leisure. There are businesses that offer these types of ...

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