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September 2015

Larger providers ready for ICD-10 implementation date

Walnut Hill Medical Center opened in 2014 as a "hospital of the future," built from the start with advanced technology at its core and patient-centered care as its mission. Among the latest-generation systems the 100-bed acute care Dallas hospital was geared up for was ICD-10, even though Walnut Hill was still running ICD-9 as its coding platform when it opened. Like thousands of other hospitals, Walnut Hill was originally looking to Oct. 1 2014 as the ICD-10 implementation date, but they all received a reprieve in the form of a one-year delay. ICD-10 testing and upgrading Walnut Hill's IT department and health information management (HIM) professionals, like many of their counterparts across the country, devoted that extra year to more training, testing and upgrading systems to get ready for the new ICD-10 implementation date: Oct. 1, 2015. Every hospital had to prepare its staff and systems, but Walnut Hill's blank slate gave it an advantage, according to CIO Aaron Miri. Miri said getting physicians to buy in wasn't hard, ...

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