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September 2015

ICD-10 conversion could disturb revenue cycles

ICD-10 finally arrives Oct. 1. While health information management and health IT departments may feel ready, that confidence likely does not extend to the area that will be most affected -- revenue cycle. For most health IT departments, at this point ICD-10 is the equivalent of "changing the oil," as Joshua Berman, director of ICD-10 at healthcare revenue cycle company RelayHealth, explained recently. At the Healthcare Financial Management Association's annual conference in June, casual conversations with health IT professionals demonstrated little urgency when it came to ICD-10 conversion. After last year's false alarm -- the federal government delayed the original implementation date of Oct. 1, 2014, the culmination of a series of prior postponements -- almost everyone said that the necessary tools are in place, such as computer assisted coding applications. The dry runs with clearinghouses, payers and other organizations related to reimbursements have been conducted. Coders have been trained or are being trained. But among ...

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