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May 2013

Health care ripe for near field communication technology

Near field communication technology -- a low-power, peer-to-peer data transport technology perhaps most famously illustrated in Samsung Galaxy smartphone commercials where users tap phones together to pass music playlists and videos to each other -- has much potential in health care's future. At least that's what the NFC Forum industry group is betting on, as smartphone tap-to-authenticate features could be part of mobile health devices, as well as potentially part of validating health care providers when they interact with health IT systems. A coalition of more than 170 manufacturers, app developers and other interested parties, the NFC Forum announced it will form several special interest groups (SIGs) to promote NFC implementation in consumer electronics, health care, the financial services and payment market, retail and transportation. More NFC resources Health IT Exchange expert: Value of tablets in health care NFC technology might be used for security, identification Tablets and Windows 8 in health care Health care is a ...

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