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July 2017, Vol. 5, No. 4

Mobile technology in healthcare looks toward a brighter future

In 2017, mobile technology in healthcare can mean different things to different people. For patients, mobile devices are the gateway to improving engagement with healthcare providers. Viewing lab test results, getting pinged about upcoming appointments and maybe even having a video consult with a nurse from home are all on the wish lists for those who run their lives via smartphones. Clinicians have a different set of mobile needs. Accessing health IT systems from a phone or tablet -- perhaps a physician has to see Mr. Mac's electronic health record right away while dining in a restaurant at 9 p.m. -- has always been a strong desire of the medical crowd. And then there are the IT folks, who look at mobility from more pragmatic angles. For example, IT managers may worry about whether the hospital's wireless network can support the demands of everyone's mobile device. And ensuring secure access to protected patient information is paramount when viewing it on a phone. Given that the majority of our readers comes from the third ...

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