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January 2018, Vol. 6, No. 1

Store medical images using hybrid cloud data storage

For many hospitals and health organizations, the growing volume of data generated by electronic health records and medical imaging systems has generated greater demand for storage. The surge in digital assets -- as well as the popularity of the enterprise cloud -- is encouraging many CIOs to adjust their storage strategies and consider the cloud as a data repository. With the promise of cloud storage capabilities offering flexibility, scalability and improved security, what should CIOs consider when they evaluate storage options for their medical imaging data? The term enterprise cloud can mean many things to different IT organizations, including the need for off-site storage. Hospitals recognize that long-term storage and archives can be more cost-effective in the cloud than maintaining them on the premises. Unfortunately, not all medical imaging applications or clinical software fully support data stored in the cloud. As a result, many IT executives implement a hybrid option that makes applications see cloud storage as part of...

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