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May 2017, Vol. 5, No. 3

Healthcare cloud concerns diminish but not yet fully resolved

Healthcare cloud concerns aren't all that different from the rifts in other industries that caused heated debate and raised many important questions to which most of us can relate. "You put my checking account information up in the cloud?" "What do you mean I don't need that paper map of San Francisco in my glove compartment?" "My 1980s Journey songs are all stored virtually?" These scenarios generally turned out well, however, thanks to a combination of people coming to realize the advantages of cloud computing, willing to accept change and constantly monitoring performance. Now, it's health IT professionals who find themselves taking a deep breath before moving clinical matters into the cloud. Pros now outweigh cloud's cons Yes, progress is wonderful -- and a bit scary, too. However, healthcare has finally reached a point where a hospital is comfortable telling its patients -- i.e., its customers -- that their medical records, lab tests and clinical billing information are generally safe in the cloud. Well-known benefits of ...

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