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May 2017, Vol. 5, No. 3

Five common concerns of cloud services in healthcare

With the ongoing expansion of the digital footprint in hospitals because of increased electronic health records adoption, IT departments are turning to cloud services to address some of their scalability issues. However, despite the pressing need for IT to quickly grow their infrastructure, many hospital executives have questions about cloud costs, security and reliability. Executives also feel uneasy about adopting cloud services in healthcare without addressing these concerns upfront. There have been varying levels of cloud adoption in hospitals over the past decade. The early adopters maximized the use of the cloud by having most of their systems hosted outside their facilities, while others hesitated to entrust their environment to an external entity. Regardless, concerns about cloud services in healthcare will affect all IT groups at some point. Data security regulations delay IT cloud adoption. Protecting the digital assets of an organization is a top priority for IT. For hospitals, that also means making sure cloud ...

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