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July 2015, Volume 3 No 3

With big data, healthcare won't cut it using old-school style

When analyzing big data, healthcare folks could easily act like Paul Bunyan. For those who don't remember, Bunyan was a giant lumberjack of lore who chopped down trees with a huge ax. Bunyan used his brute strength and experience to knock the trunks over. However, in one version of Bunyan's story, he meets Joe Muffaw, a fella who invented a powered saw. A "man versus machine" tree-chopping contest ensues -- and the machine wins. Put another way, you don't want to be Paul Bunyan when it comes to technology, said Jay Famico, practice director for technology at SiriusDecisions, a business research and consulting firm in Wilton, Conn. "I would take Joe," Famico said. "I would take technology every day." Otherwise, you fall behind, he told a keynote audience at the recent SiriusDecisions Summit in Nashville. As the importance grows for analytics and big data, healthcare organizations face a challenging array of data analysis tools and other technological choices. The wave of data flowing through healthcare sounds like a commercial ...

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