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July 2015, Volume 3 No 3

Providers work for security in healthcare, lock down mobile devices

When Care New England, one of Rhode Island's largest healthcare systems, installed a patient-rounds app on the smartphones physicians use to link to ambulatory clinic EHRs, it was only after a month of rigorous in-house testing of the app's security. Concerns about the lack of security in healthcare apps -- which are multiplying as rapidly as the mobile devices that host them -- is only one of the problems vexing healthcare CISOs and CIOs as they confront the mass movement toward mobility. Chris Logan, CISO of Care New England, said he worries constantly about potential breaches of the healthcare system's network, connected medical devices and mobile platforms, though he hasn't seen a loss or theft of protected health information (PHI) from a smartphone or tablet. Yet. "But I guarantee you it's going to happen," Logan said. "It's not a matter of if it's going to happen, but when." In addition to app security testing, Care New England has set up an internal "app store," from which about a dozen security-vetted apps are available ...

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