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July 2015, Volume 3 No 3

Healthcare VDI remains an important investment

It's hard to imagine that not every healthcare IT department has considered, or installed, a virtual desktop infrastructure. Despite the apparent benefits of a virtual desktop infrastructure and its standing as a mature technology, some organizations have struggled to justify purchasing and deploying a healthcare virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). But many factors are spurring the growth of healthcare VDI. Some of them are the increased demand for zero clients within healthcare facilities, the need for streamlined desktop management and enhanced user mobility experience, and the elimination of storing protected data at the desktop layer. These examples also help push IT departments to create a strategy to eliminate traditional thick clients at each station. Equally as important as what is driving VDI in healthcare are the factors that can damage a healthcare VDI initiative. The following are common problems that can become major hurdles for any hospital looking into installing VDI. Lack of clear ROI: With hospitals facing ...

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