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July 2015, Volume 3 No 3

Despite risks, healthcare IT professionals stick with mobile

When it comes to mobile security, the odds seem stacked against healthcare organizations. Although the mood surrounding mobile among healthcare IT professionals ranges from cautious to downright terrified, they all acknowledge that the use of mobile devices will only increase despite the risks. Healthcare organizations often lack the tools, resources and money needed to fully protect themselves against breaches, and hackers have strong incentives to steal patients' medical records. For example, patient records can go for $20 to $50 each on the black market, and a complete patient record -- including the patient's driver's license, health insurance information and other sensitive data -- can be worth more than $500, according to a report by the Institute for Health Technology Transformation. If a healthcare organization has a security breach and hackers swipe 1,000 complete patient records, they could potentially fetch $500,000. "It's basically a treasure trove of information that these people want to get access to," Cletis Earle...

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