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Special Edition, June 2013

Questions to ask before deploying cloud computing storage in healthcare

This is the third part in a series of tips exploring cloud computing in healthcare, including cloud services and applications. Part one looked at cloud computing as a storage solution, and part two explored the types of storage available for healthcare data. Part three considers the use of public and private clouds in storage applications. While cloud-based storage was generally discussed as appropriate for healthcare, specific knowledge required to implement a solution was not mentioned. This is what will be explored here. The best place to start is to ask the questions: "Who, what, where and how?" Hospitals are a good use case for public cloud computing storage in healthcare because of the many different challenges they face regarding data storage needs. The first question to ask is, "Who are the hospital's main storage vendors?" Initially, this question may seem a little manipulative or oversimplified. In fact, it's an important question because all applications require data and all data requires storage. The question of the ...

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