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Special Edition, June 2013

Options abound for cloud computing in healthcare

This is the first in a series of tips exploring cloud computing in healthcare, including cloud services and applications.  Public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud: For all the talk around clouds, organizations mostly want to know how this affects their healthcare business. The simple answer is that cloud computing can be relevant to any business in any industry. However, cloud computing in healthcare may be particularly important because of the industry's history with paper-based records and overall poor adoption of computers for anything other than hospital accounting and practice management systems. Cloud computing in healthcare and other industries might be defined as the externalization of business services or additional computer tasks how and where they are needed. Think about how computers are used to run an application, such as email. A user runs an email application to review their email. They start the application, they review email and they respond or not. For the computer to run the application it must use its ...

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