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February 2016 | Volume 4 Issue 1

How to keep cloud services compliant with HIPAA standards

The regular addition of cloud technology services has analysts concerned that health IT departments are being overwhelmed by the speed of these changes and don't possess adequate resources to be sure their cloud-based workloads comply with HIPAA standards. The adoption of cloud in healthcare has been steadily increasing for some time now. Hospitals, health plan providers and physician groups rely on these services to help reduce some of their infrastructure complexities and reduce costs. Considering the amount of available cloud services and the number of healthcare entities that are using them, it's easy to deduce that a large quantity of patients' health information (PHI) resides in the cloud, permanently or temporarily. As providers increase their dependence on cloud and online services, health IT executives face the pressure of constantly certifying that all of their cloud services meet HIPAA standards. There are two distinct types of services that IT generally deals with when working with cloud providers, and each one deals...

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