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February 2016 | Volume 4 Issue 1

Healthcare information security at a crossroads with endpoints

When I think of healthcare information security for endpoints in hospitals, my mind usually wanders to my own technological setup at home. I've got a work laptop, personal laptop, TV streaming stick, smartphone and DVD player all connected to my wireless network. Sometimes visitors hook their phones into the wireless router, too. Maybe this situation sounds familiar to some of you. It certainly wouldn't take much for, say, my kid to fool around with my streaming stick and download an HDTV app I didn't want him watching. That's an endpoint breach no parent wants to deal with. It's also a breach that could happen with me managing only five access points at home. Multiply that by tens of thousands of devices and you get an idea of the mountain that IT pros have to climb to ensure healthcare information security. Our cover story in the February issue of Pulse hits endpoint access head-on by looking at the risks coming down the road, mainly from the proliferation of mobile devices. Contributor Nicole Lewis talks to a pair of major ...

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