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February 2016 | Volume 4 Issue 1

Healthcare cybersecurity means more than data breach prevention

Healthcare facilities have a lot to worry about when it comes to securing every device and all the data that's kept in and passed through their systems. This issue of Pulse takes a closer look at how healthcare providers manage patient data security within a few particular areas of their operations.

Contributor Nicole Lewis connects the harsh penalties associated with lost or stolen patient data with providers' ambition to prevent such data from ending up in the wrong hands. She also examines how two healthcare providers are using encryption to protect patient data accessed through employees' mobile devices.

Kristen Lee, news writer, describes in detail the trend of wearable health devices and how the potential of these devices has yet to be widely realized. Also, news and features writer Shaun Sutner writes that while some healthcare imaging systems are generally secure, problems can arise when digitized images are removed from those systems and shared. Finally, Reda Chouffani explains how healthcare entities are turning to cloud services and what they're doing to stay on top of cloud security.

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