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May 2016 | Volume 4 Issue 2

Value of healthcare IoT devices resides in data collection

The future success of connected healthcare devices will depend on more than Internet of Things devices and other hardware available in today's marketplace. In healthcare settings, the advancement of IoT devices will depend greatly on what is done with the information these devices collect from patients and what actions can be taken based on the patterns deduced from the data. Internet of Things devices are used in a number of different ways. They can capture information through sensors or they can be used as interactive devices that provide feedback to their users and respond to users' commands. The data collection model may not offer enough value for healthcare organizations to consider implementing healthcare IoT devices in their facilities. IoT devices must provide backend data processing that can convert the collected information into meaningful insights for healthcare organizations to consider using them. Where to use healthcare IoT devices The home health space is a prime example of an area in which healthcare IoT devices ...

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