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May 2016 | Volume 4 Issue 2

Tech plays big role in improving the patient experience

At a recent weekly news meeting here at TechTarget, my colleague, Dan Ring, said, "It's all about user experience these days." He was specifically talking about how companies use technology to better engage with employees. But the connections to improving the patient experience are not far off. Many healthcare executives have put patient engagement improvement high on their to-do lists. And that's good news, because today, all kinds of technology aim to boost how patients are treated in their medical matters. For example, EHRs, precision medicine and data analytics can give people easier, better access to their healthcare services. And perhaps no other trend speaks to patient engagement more than the Internet of Medical Things. The new issue of SearchHealthIT's Pulse looks at how the digital revolution seeks to improve the patient experience with enhanced care and better clinician interactions. News and features writer Shaun Sutner tackles these issues in our cover story, looking at how the Internet of Medical Things is becoming...

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