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May 2016 | Volume 4 Issue 2

Internet of Medical Things improves patient experience

At Florida Hospital Celebration Health, families of patients being operated on don't have to depend on a doctor or nurse to let them know when their loved one is out of surgery. The Internet of Medical Things does it for them. When patients go in for surgery at the Orlando area hospital, part of the Adventist Health System-Florida Division, they're tagged with real-time location system (RTLS) badges from Stanley Healthcare that track their progress through from the pre-op room to the surgical suite to the recovery unit. Family members follow the process in real-time on a big-screen TV in the waiting room. Patients are identified on a Tableau-generated screen with individualized numbers to anonymize them and comply with the privacy requirements of HIPAA. Ashley Simmons "Patients have embraced it fully," said Ashley Simmons, director of innovation development at Florida Hospital. "It really has become part of the culture." The Stanley RTLS system is part of a wave of Internet of Medical Things applications that take Internet of ...

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