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May 2016 | Volume 4 Issue 2

Healthcare IoT applications expand patient care possibilities

In this issue of Pulse, SearchHealthIT writers examine healthcare IoT applications and share how IoT technology influences patient care, from perspectives of patients and providers.

First, Scott Wallask draws the line between healthcare providers that are worried about forthcoming HIPAA audits and those that are at ease. A thorough technology risk assessment is part of what separates those two groups.

Next, Kristen Lee chronicles the career of a hospital CIO, who shares how his hospital is using telemedicine to treat patients in other countries.

Shaun Sutner, news and features writer, spells out the effects healthcare IoT can have on patients. He goes into detail about how one hospital relies on IoT to track patients around their facility.

Lastly, contributor Reda Chouffani hypothesizes that healthcare IoT applications and devices will only be as valuable as the data they capture.

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