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August 2016 | Volume 4 Issue 3

Hospitals, medical records software vendors must step up to share data

Healthcare analytics efforts continue to steer around the challenges of interoperability within medical records software systems, and such potholes may affect patient outcomes. To conquer these problems, hospitals and physicians must strive to share data freely, and electronic health records (EHR) sellers must make their technology more collaborative. Interoperability issues stem from well-intentioned efforts. The increasing demand for improved, outcome-based payments is putting healthcare organizations under pressure to change the way they manage the care of patients. Some hospitals recognize the serious need for better clinical data exchange and collaborative care. Health data analytics brings wide appeal As a result, more emphasis is being put on data and the use of analytics to help detect and prevent sick patients from worsening. For many high-performing organizations, analytics offers an opportunity for descriptive and predictive capabilities around operational optimization, financial performance, population health ...

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