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August 2016 | Volume 4 Issue 3

Advances in health technology groom analytics, data sharing still lags

Advances in health technology occur constantly, although it's not always easy to see where things are heading. It's that way throughout the high-tech world. If you've been around for a few decades like me, you might remember when the DVD arrived, replacing the magnetic tape reel in video cassettes. A superlative outburst followed: Look at the DVD's picture! I can immediately go to any scene I like without rewinding! It can't get better than this! In fact, it got a lot better with the advent of streaming media technology and the ability to play digital video on mobile devices without a disk. DVD players will soon be (or already are?) relics. The analytics road ahead The medical industry is at a similar crossroads with data analytics. Although analytics is changing the face of healthcare, we haven't arrived at its true potential yet. From that perspective, this issue of Pulse looks squarely at data analytics' role in modern healthcare while also staring at the advances in health technology that are on the horizon. In our cover ...

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