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January 2017, Vol. 5, No. 1

For CIOs, hospital cyberattacks present a likely threat

Just days after three hijacked planes flew into the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon in 2001, I remember hospital officials telling me that every U.S. healthcare facility needed to prepare for how they'd react if a terror attack hit their community. Fast forward 15 years, and some hospitals have indeed needed to enact such response plans -- for example, at medical centers in Boston; Orlando; and San Bernardino, Calif., after terror attacks in those cities. But I argue that there's a far greater threat lurking in the world's networks as cybercriminals attempt to carry out hospital cyberattacks. Whether it's a terrorist, foreign country or plain old thief, stealing patient data takes far fewer resources and coordination than a physical attack on a building or city. And unlike the latter scenario, all hospitals are likely to experience the former at some point. January's issue of SearchHealthIT's Pulse examines cybersecurity from several angles in the hopes of giving healthcare CIOs and IT professionals more ideas on how ...

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