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September 2018, Vol. 6, No.4

To get secure cloud storage in healthcare, gauge risks first

Before moving to a cloud architecture, healthcare organizations should first do a risk assessment -- which, if done properly, will help health IT professionals understand the potential perils of using cloud storage in healthcare and the security controls that can mitigate those risks. While hospitals and health systems are hesitant to move patient data to the cloud, cybersecurity expert Vince Campitelli said cloud storage in healthcare can potentially deliver more effective data security, privacy and compliance. The threat of data breaches and the need to manage huge amounts of patient data are issues that have plagued the healthcare industry for years. Cloud storage could alleviate those problems. "I think any organization that wants to think about the cloud [needs] to become much more conscious and aware of what's the difference between traditional technologies versus cloud, what are the implications of migrating to that tech and what's an appropriate process to achieve this migration," said Campitelli, an enterprise security ...

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