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September 2011

Health care, cloud storage providers and data ownership

The health care industry relies on data. Physicians need data to make the proper diagnosis, and they increasingly need to share data with other providers. One way of making this data available to those who need it is to store it in the cloud. However, several data ownership issues must be addressed prior to entering into a service level agreement with a cloud storage provider. Learn more about working with cloud storage providers Negotiating maximum cloud uptime from service providers Cloud storage services increasingly viable as medical images proliferate What cloud service providers bring to the health care industry For starters, the term data ownership seems to take on two separate meanings in the health care industry. On the surface, data ownership refers to the organization that the data belongs to. It is generally accepted that the organization that created the data is the data's owner. The other definition has more to do with responsibility for the data. Those who are in possession of the data are responsible for the safe...

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