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February 2018, Vol. 6 No. 1

AI a big data benefit for moving to the cloud for healthcare

It looks more and more like no one can stop the forward march of cloud in healthcare and the benefits that artificial intelligence and machine learning can bring to big data analytics and image analysis. Not Epic Systems Corp. and Cerner Corp., the duopolistic goliath legacy vendors of electronic health records that have been strikingly slow to develop cloud technology. And not the big healthcare systems and academic medical centers that have spent billions of dollars over the last decade installing soon-to-be-antiquated on-premises systems from Epic and Cerner. The buzz Dozens of vendors are providing fully realized SaaS EHRs. Until recently, these cloud products typically only had enough features for outpatient and small physician practices, but vendors are quickly scaling them up to handle larger hospitals and health systems. So even in the face of challenges, the advantages of cloud for healthcare are legion and too compelling to overlook -- even for conservative-minded healthcare CIOs and their bosses, who have long been ...

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