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Technology strengthening physician-patient relationship


Engaging patients through new technology and tools facilitates communication and educates them about their conditions and treatment options. Quality improvements to physician-patient interactions lead to better-informed patients and get them more involved in their personal care.

This guide contains news and tips about emerging developments in health IT and mobile technology that are drawing patients' interest and helping them communicate openly with their care providers.

1Engagement technology-

Patient engagement trends, tips and news

The goal of patient engagement is to improve physician-patient relationships and create better health outcomes. Providers and mHealth app developers are always looking for innovative ways to improve the tools they use for patient engagement purposes.


Mobile devices provide communication between office visits

Patients have a growing interest in using tablets to communicate with care providers. Continue Reading


Active engagement through health-related games

Gamification in healthcare is improving the well-being of patients. Continue Reading


Crowdsourcing patient treatment

The possibility of patient treatment through crowdsourcing is hindered by barriers of liability and reimbursement. Continue Reading


Technology shifting the physician-patient relationship

Patient care is changing through the use of virtual assistants. Continue Reading


Technology moving healthcare toward crowdsourcing

Despite a few obstacles, technology aids in the advancement of shared decision making. Continue Reading

2App development-

MHealth apps and patient engagement

MHealth apps are part of the future of patient engagement. With the use of mobile devices increasing and the development of mHealth applications on the rise, patient engagement platforms are becoming more accessible. Using mobile devices as engagement tools to improve physician-patient relationships, providers can share information easily with their patients.


Apple announces new mHealth platform for iOS 8

Apple collaborated with Mayo Clinic and Epic Systems Corp. to release an mHealth platform aiming to ease health information exchange. Continue Reading


Physician-patient relationships and social media

Providers can share information with patients about their care by implementing platforms based on social media. Continue Reading


Innovative mobile apps encourage patient engagement

Some mHealth apps improve health management through increased engagement. Continue Reading


Managing disease through mobile devices to improve engagement

In the future, disease management may be made easier through mHealth apps tailored to patients' conditions. Continue Reading


Hospitals recognize value of mobile applications

Hospitals are developing mobile applications to enhance service. Continue Reading


Six core components of a successful mHealth app

There are numerous ways that mHealth app developers can overcome the challenges of creating effective applications. Continue Reading


Patient engagement strategies

To enhance physician-patient relationships and care, providers should take note of emerging engagement strategies. These tactics aim to increase security and improve the quality of patient interactions through new technology.


Six engagement challenges providers face

In the new era of mHealth and patient engagement technology developments, providers must also consider simpler means of communication. Continue Reading


Finding the midpoint between access and security

New ways to engage patients through mobile devices may increase security risk. Continue Reading


Physicians' online presence influences patient decision-making

Patients' online reviews and ratings of physicians make providers reassess their marketing and online reputation. Continue Reading


Physician-patient relationships go beyond engagement tools

Physicians must maintain a patient-physician relationship that is created through personal interactions. Continue Reading


Benefits and challenges of using mHealth technology

Better patient engagement can be achieved through mobile health technology. Continue Reading


Patient engagement through health IT improves care

Health IT has reached the patient level, keeping them more informed about their health. Continue Reading

4Privacy and security-

Security in patient engagement technology

It is important for care providers to ensure security and follow privacy regulations while using patient engagement tools and technology to share medical information. Learn the approaches and security precautions providers are taking.


Secure messaging system in healthcare

Using SMS and other messaging services to communicate with patients is a risk to the privacy of patient information. Continue Reading


Patient engagement 2.0

In health information exchange, patients monitor electronic records to ensure the accuracy and security of their personal data. Continue Reading


Boosting engagement and protecting patient information

Electronic communication maximizes patient engagement, but it also increases security risks as information is shared between patients and providers. Continue Reading


Threats to patient data security

With the growth of patient engagement technology, medical cybercrime is a significant threat to providers and patients. Continue Reading


Social media policies and HIPAA compliance

Using social media to drive patient engagement and improve doctor-patient relationships can bring compliance issues. Continue Reading

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