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Providers adjusting to greater use of social media in healthcare


Patient engagement is the most commonly cited benefit of using social media in healthcare. Social media platforms can allow patients to communicate with other patients or with physicians, saving them a physical trip to the hospital or doctor's office. This has given providers one more area of privacy to protect and ensure their facility meets government regulations. This guide details how social media is being used in today's healthcare environment and how providers have adjusted to its increasing popularity.


How social media in healthcare engages patients

Physicians and patients alike are accessing data and communicating with one another in the healthcare setting. This communication increases patient engagement and has even encouraged some providers to participate in patient online wellness groups.


Social media can improve patient engagement

Providers have been wary of social media, but some are starting to recognize its benefits. Continue Reading


Providers are exploring online patient groups

Some healthcare providers are venturing into online wellness groups to better connect with their patients. Continue Reading


HIPAA audits cover social media habits

Social media communication is a preferred method of communication among younger patients, but it can lead providers to violate federal compliance laws such as HIPAA. Continue Reading


Social media data a target for providers, hackers

A social media platform at Boston Children's Hospital has facilitated communication between hospitals employees. Having a social media presence can also allow caregivers to interact with patients, but it might leave both parties vulnerable to hackers who are targeting popular social sites and apps.


Social caregiving is one way to engage patients

Social caregiving is a new way to encourage patients to participate in their own care. Continue Reading


Healthcare hackers targeting social media

Some hackers have found ways to access hospital data via social media channels, giving facilities one more area of privacy to protect. Continue Reading


Mining social media for big data

Social media analysis done with natural language processing has given care facilities a more efficient way to get patient feedback. Continue Reading


Content management systems can store social media policy info

Content management systems such as SharePoint can provide employees with easy access to their organization's social media policy. Continue Reading

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