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Guide: BYOD, app security and other mHealth trends


Mobile connectivity for both patients and physicians has grown in importance in recent years. Healthcare providers are trying to keep up with these changes and other mHealth trends to support their patients and employees, and to ensure the safety of critical data.

This goal is complicated by the availability of different operating systems and the ever-increasing number of mHealth applications. This guide covers the ways providers are attempting to allow for the safe use of mobile devices and applications through mobile device management (MDM) and bring your own device (BYOD) policies.

1Trends in mHealth-

Latest mHealth trends, tips and news

The mHealth applications market has grown in response to patient demand, while providers are trying to keep up with its growth and eliminate potential security threats. While the FDA has said it won't regulate the sale of mobile devices, they're certainly keeping a close eye on the increasing number of mHealth apps.


EHRs for tablets enable physician mobility

The ability to access patient data on mobile devices is just one aspect of physician mobility. Continue Reading


Government considering mHealth app regulations

The FDA promises not to regulate mobile devices, but app regulation is still undecided. Continue Reading


HIE, mHealth are hot topics for HIMSS 2013

Designing and building mHealth apps was on the docket at HIMSS 2013. Continue Reading


Near field communication a fit for healthcare?

The NFC Forum industry group is bringing near field communication technology to healthcare. Continue Reading


Armbrester discusses athenahealth's mobile plans

Kyle Armbrester, an executive for healthcare vendor athenahealth Inc., outlines a business plan that will allow patients more power to customize products. Continue Reading


Better engagement can result from use of mHealth apps

Find out how certain mHealth apps can lead to better patient engagement, as well as improved health management and doctor-patient communication. Continue Reading


Managing mobile devices and BYOD

A BYOD policy is required in today's mobile world. It's no easy task to support all the devices and mHealth apps that can access patient data. MDM is one approach taken by today's providers to ensure their data is protected from internal and external threats.


Penn Medicine's BYOD approach

An expert offers some tips from his organization's BYOD strategy. Continue Reading


BYOD tips for mobile device implementations

The rise of mobile health has improved healthcare, but it's not maintenance-free. Continue Reading


Manage BYOD to protect data

The case for BYOD management grows stronger as the use of mobile devices increases. Continue Reading


MDM for different operating systems

Different mobile operating systems complicate BYOD, but MDM can offer a solution. Continue Reading


Survey reveals providers' mHealth opinions

The results of a SearchHealthIT mHealth trends survey shows which operating system providers prefer. Continue Reading

3Mobile security-

Securing mobile devices and apps

Physicians' work is easier when the number of mobile devices they have to use is limited. This means hospitals will usually need to allow and support the use of personal mobile devices in the workplace. This section covers how care facilities should approach the task of mobile devices and applications.


How to manage mHealth apps containing protected health information

The American Health Information Management Association has released a best practices guide to help patients choose the right mHealth application. Continue Reading


Mobile policies lacking at many hospitals

Many hospitals have failed to implement mobile security policies or their policies are ignored by employees. In either case, now is the time to tighten up your protection plan. Continue Reading


New mobile tech presents HIPAA compliance challenges

HIPAA compliance means ensuring the security of mobile devices. Continue Reading


Staff, mobile devices are security weaknesses

A CEO shares why employees and their mobile devices are the biggest threats to hospital security. Continue Reading


Is mobile EHR access worth the risk?

Healthcare organizations must insist on a specific level of encryption if they are to allow mobile EHR access. Continue Reading


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