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April 2016

Virtualization in healthcare organizations streamlines IT management

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Scott Wallask, editorial director for SearchHealthIT, leads off this handbook by interviewing a former healthcare CIO, who lends support to the idea that an enterprise-wide virtual desktop infrastructure implementation can be beneficial to physicians and health IT departments. The CIO cautions that not all virtualization projects go smoothly, particularly in large hospital systems or in facilities that manage a significant amount of medical applications.

In a pair of stories that close out this handbook, contributor Reda Chouffani explains why healthcare organizations that have stayed away from using virtualization won't be able to do so forever. He singles out some technological breakthroughs such as improved hardware and hyper-converged infrastructures as reasons why it's easier than ever for healthcare organizations to use virtualization to provide end users with access to a variety of health applications.

Chouffani also looks at some of the obstacles that could be causing the uncertainty some healthcare providers have about using virtual services. If potential end users aren't prepared to fully take advantage of the features offered to them by virtual desktops or if a healthcare organization fails to project the value of investing in virtualization, then the project could be destined to fail. He states how healthcare facilities can avoid these mistakes and how they can get the most out of their virtualization ventures.

About The Author

Scott Wallask - Editorial Director

Editorial Director for TechTarget's HR Software, ERP, SAP and ...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • Virtualization has cross-departmental appeal
  • Desktop virtualization in healthcare gains momentum
  • Avoid common virtualization installation traps

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