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May 2015

Signal boost: The importance of wireless networks in healthcare

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As physicians increasingly rely on mobile devices to access patient health information, there is increased pressure for wireless networks in hospitals and other healthcare facilities to perform seamlessly. And it's not just clinicians fueling the demand -- patients and other guests expect to remain connected with the outside world, too.

This three-part guide explores the need for strong wireless network in healthcare facilities. First, contributor Stan Gibson takes a look at how hospitals have evolved from "wireless wastelands" into organizations that rely on constant connectivity to Wi-Fi networks. Next, columnist Trevor Strome discusses Wi-Fi challenges, and how the new 802.11ac industry standard could change things. Finally, expert Reda Chouffani offers a list of five elements that can improve wireless connectivity.

Table Of Contents

  • The prognosis for hospital wireless networks? Busy
  • Wi-fi’s reception still touch and go in healthcare
  • Five elements of a stronger wireless network

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