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June 2016

Patient population management calls for technological approach

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Shaun Sutner, news and features writer for SearchHealthIT, starts this handbook by interviewing a healthcare analytics expert on population health, analytics and patient engagement. The expert shares why he believes technology and data analytics are essential to population health management and improving interoperability.

Next, Reda Chouffani examines how the rise of electronic health records has convinced healthcare providers to use more technology, such as business intelligence systems, to study their growing collections of digital patient data. He also lists a few reasons why providers sometimes struggle to implement business intelligence and analytics systems.

Chouffani closes out the handbook by exploring how healthcare practitioners are using clinical analytics systems to inform and reinforce their care decisions. He also outlines some criteria that management teams at healthcare facilities should evaluate before purchasing and rolling out an analytics tool.

Table Of Contents

  • Clinical data empowers population health
  • Business intelligence a smart decision in healthcare
  • Analytics systems help structure patient data

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