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September 2014

Improving population health management through clinical data analysis

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Healthcare organizations are aiming to improve patient care through analysis of clinical data. Fueled by the Affordable Care Act and electronic health record incentives under the HITECH Act, these organizations are dealing with more -- and better -- data than ever before. To achieve actionable clinical analysis will take hard work -- from both analysts and physicians.

SearchHealthIT editors have compiled this three-part guide to help healthcare professionals get started on the path toward improved population health management. First, data architect Trevor Strome explains how an influx of data -- from mobile health apps and health IT systems for patient care -- is changing the process of accessing data. Strome details how to make the most of data requests to help clinicians improve patient health. Next, Joseph Kim, M.D., takes a look at healthcare data analytics as a means to rate physician performance. Kim employs a real-world example, the preventative treatment of blood clots, to illustrate how data analytics can improve physician performance through qualified feedback. To close, IT consultant Jon Gaasedelen helps readers determine whether a private or public cloud is better for their organization's data storage needs.

Table Of Contents

  • Healthcare analytics employ old rules for new data
  • Analytics puts physician performance under the gun
  • Cloud storage gives patient care a lift

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