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March 2016

How to choose the right SSO technology for a healthcare organization

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There are various types of single sign-on technology that can be applied in any professional environment, including within healthcare facilities, to help authenticate users without requiring them to remember a multitude of different password and login combinations.

In this Buyer's Essentials guide, health IT expert Rick Krohn explains the differences between federated single sign-on (SS0), enterprise SSO, Web SSO and other SSO approaches. Krohn details why SSO in healthcare facilities can change depending on if business is conducted with outside partners or within their own building. Krohn also lists some criteria to help organizations that are on the hunt for SSO technology. He writes that they should identify the problem they are trying to solve, evaluate the systems that will be involved with any SSO they purchase and assign as many internal resources as is appropriate to aid the organization during the SSO transition, all while staying patient in their search for the right product.

About The Author

Rick Krohn - President

Rick Krohn is a health IT professional with expertise in ...Read More

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