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June 2016

Flash appears as a viable hospital data storage option

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Healthcare facilities looking to boost their storage performance should be looking into flash, if they haven't invested in it already. Nicole Lewis, a contributor to SearchHealthIT, begins this handbook by describing how one hospital system converted to flash technology and subsequently experienced a noticeable improvement in clinical data processing. That increase in computing speed also helped the hospital system greatly shrink its physical storage setup and reduce the amount of time its employees take to complete financial reports.

Next, contributor Brien Posey explains how facilities that practice telehealth should use flash for their hospital data storage needs. Telehealth is performed through videoconferencing, something that requires plenty of available network bandwidth. Poor storage performance can interfere with telehealth. That issue can be prevented with flash, Posey reasons.

Lastly, Posey breaks down the deciding factors for organizations that are considering going entirely with flash or using a tiered approach for their hospital data storage.

About The Author

Nicole Lewis - Contributor

Nicole Lewis is an independent business and technology ...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • Flash quickens data processing for health system
  • Flash storage could cut telehealth disruptions 
  • Performance and cost influence flash purchasing decisions

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