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April 2016

Cloud medical imaging platforms proving to be safe and effective

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Healthcare providers have a few different types of technology to choose from to help them view and store their imaging data. The content in this handbook differentiates the most frequently used imaging tech, but also illustrates how some of it can be used together.

In a pair of stories, contributor Reda Chouffani gives an overview of the medical imaging product market. First, he checks off the reasons why care providers are turning to cloud storage options for their imaging needs. It has to do with cost and business flexibility, he reasons. He also describes how healthcare organizations are using vendor neutral archives to collect patient images in a single system. Chouffani also offers advice to providers that are considering purchasing or upgrading their imaging systems.

Also in this handbook, news writer Kristen Lee interviews a chief information officer who explains why his health organization moved its operations completely into the cloud. He asserts that there's nothing written in health data regulations, such as HIPAA, that should prevent other providers from shifting pieces of their businesses into the cloud. In fact, the CIO says that care providers that aren't using cloud resources are doing a disservice to their patient populations.

About The Author

Kristen Lee - News Writer

Kristen Lee is a former news writer for SearchHealthIT. Read More

Table Of Contents

  • Flexibility of cloud appeals to healthcare providers
  • HIPAA not an obstacle in cloud deployment
  • The collaborative promise of VNAs

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