Mobile Definitions

  • F


    A formulary is a list of prescription drugs that are covered by a specific health care plan.

  • H

    health apps

    Health apps are application programs that offer health-related services for smartphones and tablet PCs.

  • M

    mHealth (mobile health)

    mHealth (mobile health) is a general term for the use of mobile phones and other wireless technology in medical care.

  • mHealth Alliance

    MHealth Alliance is non-profit organization hosted by the United Nations Foundation that focuses on advancing mHealth technology in global health care through policy research, advocacy and outreach.

  • R

    remote patient monitoring (RPM)

    Remote patient monitoring is a type of remote healthcare in which patients use mobile medical devices to share their condition with care providers.

  • S


    SERMO is an online social network of verified physicians where they can anonymously discuss patient cases and non-medical subjects.

  • T

    telestroke (telestroke services)

    Telestroke, also called telestroke services, is an approach to treating vascular strokes that allows a neurologist to provide remote treatment for a stroke victim. A telestroke service, which is a sub-category of telemedicine, is often used for medical consultations in rural areas.

  • W

    wireless medical telemetry services (WMTS)

    WMTS (wireless medical telemetry services) is the remote monitoring of a patient's physiological parameters, such as such as pulse and respiration rates, with radio technology.