Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record (VLER)

Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record (VLER) is an electronic health record program that tracks the medical history of American soldiers through their entire service, from active duty to veteran status.

A veteran’s medical care can come from a number of different providers. The VLER streamlines medical information and enables medical records to be shared between the Department of Health and Human Services, military treatment facilities and health care providers in both the private and public sectors.

Previous medical records for soldiers were kept in paper files that needed to be carried from one physician to the next. The VLER helps prevent lost paperwork and, because it keeps physicians better informed of their patients’ history, improves the quality of care.

The VLER program is a member of the Nationwide Health Information Network (NIHN), a government initiative that enables electronic health records to be exchanged in a secure environment. This partnership will allow the VLER to expand to private providers. 

This was last updated in April 2012

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