California Primary Care Association (CPCA)

The California Primary Care Association (CPCA) is an organization that represents more than 800 nonprofit community clinics and health centers in the state. The CPCA is one of three members of Cal-REC (Regional Extension Center); the California Medical Association and the California Association of Public Hospitals are the other members.

Based in Sacramento and formed in 1994, the CPCA has been designated as California’s primary care association and, as such, aims to assist those who face barriers to health care as diverse as poverty, language and geographic isolation.

According to a recent CPCA report, The Vital Role of Community Clinics and Health Centers, “Health information technology is critical to achieving affordable, safe and accessible health care in California” but is often too expensive or complicated for the nonprofit health care providers that it serves.

To alleviate that situation, Cal-REC has received federal funding that allows it to work with health care providers as they make the transition from paper-based records to electronic health records. The process for applying for, receiving and using this funding was spelled out in the HITECT Act portion of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA).

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