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You can find every ICD-10 code on Twitter

Twitter is good for many things. If you’re like me, it’s good for getting your content out there and for connecting with experts in health IT. If you’re like @EveryICD10, it’s good for publishing every single ICD-10 code. And there are a lot of them. There are 68,000 ICD 10 codes designated just for documenting diagnoses (compare that to the 14,000 ICD-9 diagnosis codes).

But this hasn’t seemed to deter @EveryICD10 from being well on the way to posting every single ICD-10 code and description. The Twitter account started posting the codes and their descriptions on July 9 and has been going strong ever since.

I asked them how long they thought it would take them to get through all the codes:

To which they cleverly replied:

The Twitter account was created and is managed by MedData, a provider of medical billing services. When you click on the website link on their Twitter page, you are immediately taken to a MedData webpage offering services to help healthcare organizations prepare for ICD-10.

Many in healthcare IT have felt overwhelmed by the number of codes — with some surveys showing that many doctors aren’t ready — while advocates of ICD-10 think the granularity and specificity the codes provide will be beneficial.

The World Health Organization has copyrighted and owns the ICD-10 codes. It’ll be interesting to see if the WHO has any reaction to this Twitter account.

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