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Survey says: Two-thirds of clinicians use tablet EHRs

Healthcare IT decision makers cite management, security and functionality as the main costs presented by tablet implementation, a survey on healthcare tablet management reports. Those costs are not in vain; more than half of the clinicians use tablet EHRs in the facilities that support them.

In a study commissioned by Dell, Harris Interactive interviewed 204 healthcare IT decision makers — 105 of which work in facilities that use tablets. Among the respondents, 41% indicated that management (e.g. purchasing and overseeing mobile device administration) comprises the bulk of tablet-related costs.

Though two-thirds of clinicians use tablets for accessing and updating EHRs (another 30% use them to reference medical information), only 14% named security as the biggest chunk of their tablet bill, an area with which health care professionals are traditionally concerned.

Tablet setup and configuration ranked between the two (31%), with 65% of respondents revealing they purchased mobile apps for tablets to replace PC functionality.

That was the goal, but 41% of respondents also said some tablets can’t access certain apps — especially ones that are hospital/clinic specific — and have limited functionality for others.

To minimize the total cost of tablet implementation, 56% of organizations try to choose devices that integrate with their existing infrastructure and tools. Meanwhile, 36% turn to virtualized desktops to manage access and functionality by user profile, not device.

Respondents also indicated which functions they find most useful in health care workflows: 3G/4G mobile broadband connectivity (56%), medical imaging display (56%), the ability to connect and mirror information onto an external display (42%), contactless smart card reader for swipe access (31%) and connection to a stylus (28%).

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